The Bricklayers Arms, Hertfordshire

A well deserving award winning pub.

My grandfather apparently used to buy pheasants from under the counter here ‘back in the day’ (probably 1960s-ish).

My family and I are visiting for Sunday Lunch. My mum managed to book a table for 12pm however me being the difficult daughter I was flying in from a cheeky weekend in Amsterdam so she kindly moved it to 5pm. I was expecting them to have run out of everything and that we would just be licking saucepans.

A favourite of mine in the past has been the mushroom feuillete with puff pastry and I was relieved to see that it’s both still on the menu AND available. Gobbled that down with no hesitation.


The Crayfish, octopus and cockles salad was surprisingly large, filled with seafood and presented really nicely. Occasionally when ordering a starter like this it can be disappointing in that there’s more lettuce than seafood but this wasn’t the case.


Most of our party had the Roast, with it being a Sunday, but I’m a roast potato snob so avoid pub roasts when I can (although The Bricklayer’s Arms is probably a pub where I’d make an exception). My decision was also swayed by the temptation of sea trout.

Sea Trout at The Bricklayer's Arms

My mum had to check that the Roast Pork came with crackling otherwise she would have changed her order. It did as was delicious although I thought the crackling that I stole from her plate tasted a little funny but that’s probably because it’s not meant to go with Sea Trout  🙂

Roast Pork

We also had fun selecting wines from the menu using a combination of our own knowledge and the Vivino app. On that particular wine review app it’s pretty hard to find wines with a rating of above 4 (out of 5) so we went with wines we found that we didn’t need to re-mortgage to purchase and that were rated between 3.5 and 4. Those that went white enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau Madirac, Bordeaux, and those that had red had the Macon Chaintre (Gamay), Domaine Mathias, France 2008.

Dessert is the easy choice for my family. Most had the choux buns with praline cream and pistachio ice cream.

Choux bun with praline and pistachio ice cream

I selected the cheese board because in the past I have enjoyed the cheese SO much I literally pocketed the leftovers and took them home with me. Not a pleasant surprise when I stuck my hand in my pocket the next morning!  🙂 So uncouth.


I mentioned the wine before but I forgot to say I finished with a Port because I am incapable of having a cheese course without Port.

It was a really lovely occasion and although we had a late sitting they still had the majority of items on the menu available and even though they were clearly very busy the service was excellent and all courses were served to our party of 8 at the same time, which is sometimes difficult for restaurants to achieve.

The only minor set back was that sitting right next to our table was a table of middle aged, fairly disruptive revellers who clearly thought they were 18 year olds on a stag do. To be fair to them we were late diners so they had probably spent the afternoon having a skinful. I’m just jealous. 🙂 Their main guest is pictured below. The staff and other diners did a very good job of appeasing their ‘excitement’. I sound snooty but they were quite funny. I still don’t understand what the reason for their celebration was but hey whatever floats your boat – or your blow up doll.

Lunch at The Bricklayers Arms

Must remember to take our own next time!





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