Top of the List: My Favourite Restaurant


I was in Madrid for the Real Madrid vs Liverpool Champions League game and I was lucky enough to be offered hospitality at the Bernabéu stadium.

En route we saw Jamie Carragher (former Liverpool FC hero) at the gate in the airport and he was OBVIOUSLY flying to the game with his son, who at the time was not even a teenager yet.

I have had the opportunity of having photos will other famous people and have always shied away. This strategy was proven when in trying to chat to Jamie whilst getting a photo I asked the question: “So are you going to the game then?”

Both he and his son just looked at me pityingly and nodded.

Anyway Red Bus tour later (must do a red bus tour to get to grips with a city!) and I was excited about a restaurant we had booked in the evening.

Turns out the restaurant was located in the most beautiful building in Madrid that I had spotted on the bus tour.

The website, at the time, had given no more detail than the price of a certain menu. We had the choice of 9, 11 or 13 courses and no detail about anything. What followed was extraordinary and what was even more extraordinary was the exceptional value for money at around £100 each for menu +wine+ aperitifs! Had to do with the exchange rate at the time but I would certainly go back at extra expense.

It was te first time I had ever been served pipettes with different flavours for my fish and certainly the first time I was able to write on a chalkboard with the petite fours! Amazing menu! Amazing chef! María Marte…

I asked her what her favourite dish was and she sat on the fence but I suppose after all that hard work you would probably hate food want to go home via Maccidies!

If you are in Madrid this place is certainly worth a visit: But please don’t go when I’m visiting or I might not get a reservation!  🙂


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