Japanese Restaurants in London

Japanese restaurants and Japanese food are becoming more and more trendy. From the high end Japanese restaurants to the more affordable Japanese cuisine in London it’s certainly popular, delicious and in some instances a Japanese diet can be very healthy.

Black cod in Miso has to be a standout for me and as you may or may not know it comes in at an average of £30 a dish when in high end or Michelin starred Japanese restaurants.

Asakusa, Mornington Crescent, Camden, London

Asakusa is a very unassuming place just outside Mornington Crescent Underground Station. Opposite Koko (formally known as Camden Palace). Black cod in this Japanese restaurant, whey have it in, costs somewhere in the region of £7 per dish and its delicious.

Asakusa is a very good value, family run, Japanese restaurant. Always an enjoyable evening for low cost, delicious Japanese cuisine. A favourite Japanese restaurant of mine.

However where Japanese is concerned it pays off to go to a slightly more high end Japanese restaurant to really explore what they can do.

Sushi Mania, Edgware, London

Another good value Japanese restaurant is Sushi Mania in Edgware. Go with a group because that way you get to try more (and don’t fill yourself up too quickly!). £15 all you can eat. Delicious sushi. Well worth it.

Benihana, London

Disgraceful email marketing. However an affordable treat. Teppanyaki at it’s finest. Good for a meal for two or for a bigger group. Fun atmosphere with a Japanese themed meal.

Aqua Kyoto, London

Centrally located Japanese rooftop bar and restaurant. Heading towards more high end restaurants now. This gem has a nice outdoor terrace for a pre dinner cocktail. Good food service and good food – at a good price.

I am told that the sister restaurant that does Tapas and Spanish cuisine is not as good but I haven’t been to compare. If I were to go to Aqua I would choose Aqua Kyoto every time.

Dinings, London

Ex Nobu chef. Expensive Japanese food but delicious. Tar Tar chips are standout. Probably one for a special treat rather than to go back to regularly.

Ohisama, Marylebone, London

A more affordable version of Dinings or Nobu according to a reliable source. TBC. Table booked for next month. *drools*

Roka, Shochu Lounge, London

Should you rock up at Roka the pea and avocado maki is weirdly brilliant in that it sounds standard and boring but tastes delightful. All dishes are great quality and cocktails and desserts are well presented and tasty. The Shochu Lounge retains the smart edge but is more relaxing and enjoyable than the formal restaurant.

Nobu, Berkeley Street, London

I have been to have nibbles and drinks at Nobu, Berkeley Street where the service was impeccable and we were treated as if we were dining. Very attentive. Would like to go back to eat.

Nobu, Park Lane, London

Extremely good value tasting menu. Black cod was included thank goodness as I cannot eat Japanese without it. I know I sound snobby but I tend to try and order food in restaurants that I don’t cook at home. It’s one of my all time favourite dishes and because I was in Nobu I had high hopes for the food! It didn’t disappoint.

Although I believe it lost it’s Michelin accreditation due to – I hear – more casual dining restaurants being awarded the prestigious honour.

Formal, not-so-casual dining experience but the night is what you make it!

Sushi Samba, Shard, London 

I can’t leave this page without mentioning this place. I haven’t been and am too scared of heights to find out what I’m missing out on. One day I’ll stand at the bottom of the Shard and order a Deliveroo. I have heard very good things.




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