A holiday… or a Heston experience…? I chose Heston

Luckily the cost can be spread out since you pay for the food upon booking. Chances are you will be booking months in advance so you have time to save those pennies for the wine!

The cheapest way to do the Fat Duck – with alcohol -was to order the [cheapest] wine flight (approx £150 per head) so with travel included you’re probably looking at just under £500 per person.

I don’t want to say too much because part of what I loved about it was not much has been written up online about the Fat Duck so everything was a cool surprise during the 4 hour dining experience.

Toilets are a must visit and make sure you walk close to the wall when upstairs.

Of course the food and service were impeccable. Came home with a bag of goodies too!

A memorable experience. One crossed off the bucket list!

My personal favourite part of the experience was breakfast but that usually is my favourite meal of the day.

Heston and his team share their dishes and ideas here.






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